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Championat 2008 DMC Quali 2007 Enya 2008 Championat 2008 Feb 2008

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Enya von der Krähenschmiede

Father: Brando Airport Hannover (Onix von Löwenfels x Virginia von Löwenfels)
Mother: Manja Airport Hannover (Boomer Airport Hannover x Atra von der Wautz)
Pedigree (on working-dog)

born: 20.10.2003
mental test DMC: 82P.
DMC-Körung 1: 444-4-4333
best single results: 100-100-100
best trial: 87-100-99
Obedience 2 (excellent 1st place)

Show result: very good
size 57cm
weight 22kg
shoulders, ellbows, back and knees were x-rayed and found
totally healthy.

VPG 1 (82-92-100 vg 2nd place)
VPG 2 (87-100-99 ex 3rd place)

Qualification for the DMC-Championat in Leichlingen (90-90-88)
1st place county trial B&C (B:98 C:97)
12th place province championships DVG Nord-Rheinland (91-97-79)
A-litter 3/2 born on 07.10.2007

2nd place Qualification für the DMC-Championat 2008 in Stolberg (90-90-96) 
3rd place county championships 2008 (92-97-95)
23rd place DMC-Championat 2008 (94-86-85)
2nd place Qualification for the DMC-Championat 2009 in Leichlingen (99-91-95)

DMC-Championat (97-81-Abbr)
Quali for the DMC Championat 2010 (100-82-91)
Enya’s complete results here

B-litter born 04.01.2010
DMC-Championat (80-90-dis)
6th place province championships DVG Nord-Rheinland (98-94-85)

Obedience 2: 293,5 (excellent, 1st place, qualified for Class 3)

C-litter born 30.05.2012


Enya 2007Enya is an open, friendly, always happy dog. She is very social with people as well as with ther dogs (as long as they don’t bother her:-). She has always been environmentally sound in all situations, slippery floors, dark buildings, open metal staircases, sounds etc.

Living with her is really easy and relaxed, and lots of fun!
Enya has a very high temperament and an extraordinary play drive. She is very fast and agile, with an excellent body consciousness (she likes climbing, which sometimes ends up a little dangerous:). Always eager to work and play, she is very easy to train and has a strong “will to please”.

Despite her extreme passion for work of any kind she can also relax when training is finished, and in the house you hardly notice her at all.

province championships 2007..................................

In obedience Enya was always very easy to train, since puppy days she’s been able to concentrate strongly and at the same time she’s never tired to train, always demanding to carry on with work.
She is easily motivated with food or prey, and “prey” to her means anything she’s allowed to carry - coke tins and water bottles will do just as good as a ball. She is intelligent, active -a really perfect obedience-dog.

Training 2008                    .....................................

Tracking would probably have been very easy with Enya as well, but I made quite a few mistakes, so our tracking results have never been really good up to now (edit 2010: We made it!:)).
Enya’s ability to concentrate despite her high drive helps a lot in tracking, and even when she looses the track she never gives up and keeps fighting. Her passion for tracking and any kind of nose work is very strong, and she passes that on to her offspring as well.


qualification trial 2007In protection work Enya shows very good. She is very fast, with nice prey drive and good aggression, and good grips. She gets a little edgy sometimes, but stays clear in her head and fairly easy to control (well, mostly:).


More photos and videos of Enya you find here.

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